Weekly guidance

Dear friends,

Here is your guidance for this week, from spirits and the Universe. It’s so amazing to see so many Major Arcana’s come up for this week’s reading. Certainly a time of major changes/transformations and learning coming for many of us. An extremely positive reading – Hope this guidance helps you to move forward with your highest potential!


Move away from a current situation, which serves you no longer. Leaving behind what is familiar in search of new beginnings. Take time to pause, reflect and heal yourself. Take time to talk to your soul and use the opportunity given by the Universe to restore your energy levels to be able to move forward in a positive direction. 8 is a sign of infinity, power, passion, control. Use your time, to tap into your heart and soul and find the courage to move forward into the wonderful opportunity the Universe is going to bring to you, with all positive energy and physical/mental state of mind.


Your relationships call for sacrifice. A time to look around yourself and see what needs to be released. Let go and make more room to receive the better. Transformation, gratitude, wisdom and enlightenment are called for you. You might not have control over your current situation. Pause, rest, have patience, reflect. Stand back and look at the events happening around you, with more understanding and an intuitive eye. Your third eye chakra needs balancing and will help you with your inner sight. Bring in a different perspective for your current situation with people and issues. This card symbolizes a period of change, which may be slow but will lead you to your answers. Accept the things you cannot control, heal your past, let go of what’s not serving you, move forward and watch the new doors and path being open to you. Meditate to clear your third eye chakra. Amethyst can help you balance your third eye chakra and help in your intuitive guidance.


Good luck, good fortune, success, change, growth! A good karma has come full cycle for many of us. Expected or unexpected opportunities are knocking your door. Open your heart, accept and receive the bounty Universe is sending your way. Understand your lessons and gain wisdom from your past, learn to let go old issues. This will help you move forward in positive direction. You deserve to be happy and abundance is coming your way in all areas of your life, be it career, finance or job opportunities. Take advantage, act now! Take responsibility of your actions and the wheel will definitely turn yet again in your favor!

Overall energy / message

It’s time for you to take that brave leap of faith – first step of your journey. Some new adventure is waiting for you. A time for a significant inner change. Important choices are to be made – proceed with caution and make sure to use your wisdom, thought and care to move forward. It might be a daunting task to embrace the new change coming in, but use your inner belief and courage to move forward. Don’t be alarmed or feel lost. Don’t conform to the society or what people want of you. Look with fresh eyes and move forward with total belief in the Universe! You will have all the support you need from a teacher who can guide you with their wisdom and knowledge. Look around! You could be your teacher yourself, for all the wisdom life has taught you!! You are so much more than a physical being alone, you are spiritual with unlimited wisdom and potential. It’s time to reach out to like minded people, share your thoughts, and get feedback that will encourage you to be all that you can be! You will find the inspiration and enlightenment, you need on this new journey you are about to begin. You will be surprised at the outcome – you have so much to share!

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