Weekly Tarot Guidance

Dear friends,

I picked up my very beautiful and gorgeous Everyday Witch Tarot Deck this morning.

Here is your guidance for this week, from spirits and the Universe. A time of new horizons, inner strength , changes/transformations and learning coming for many of us. An great, positive reading – Hope this guidance helps you to move forward with your highest potential!


New beginnings can be both exciting and frightening. It can be intimidating to start on a new path but inspiration and passion will help to take the first step. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it! See the path you have been missing due to hesitation and give yourself a boost. It’s time to decide this or that. Stop postponing decisions. It has to happen now so you can live in the present. Enough of contemplating on your options. If you don’t like something, the universe is asking you to change it and you have the ability and path in front of you.


You are stronger than you think. Have confidence in your abilities knowing that the Universe will do everything right in the end. You might feel overwhelmed or uncertain, but know that no matter what comes in your way, you have what it takes to succeed. You are no longer a victim in your career, step up and into your true power. Balance love/generosity with wisdom/courage. Gently fight your paper dragons away!


All things must end sometime. But know that when one door closes, another opens. The process might not be pleasant and you might be caught up in the pain of this transition. But when you will look back on them later, you will feel gratitude because it freed you to move on. It is okay to mourn but know that it can also mean a rebirth onto something wonderful. You probably already knew that something is going to end, so don’t hang on to it and don’t resist this change. New growth will come and you will have the courage to embrace this uncertainty. Eventually, it will be a happy time. Family, friends and community will support you and you can rely on them. It may be time to create your own circle of kindred spirits and raise a cup of joy and friendship with people you want to share your joy and your life with.

Overall energy / message

Remember – life is a balancing act! Work and play, striving and resting; all things have their time and place. Do not worry too much on getting everything right all the time. Play while you work hard and if you are working too hard lately, take some time to relax and play. You are guided to bring balance in your life – be it work, finances, relationships or just every day life. All we can do is to keep on trying and do our best in the face of the real world issues we all confront. No one gets right the first time or all the time, and that is okay! 🙂

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