Weekly Tarot Guidance

Hello people! Greetings!

Weekly tarot reading for my lovely friends. If you see this, this reading is for you!


It’s a time to withdraw. Pull back from the current situation or from whatever that is no longer working for you. Go into solitude to find the answers you see, and answers will come. Signifies emotional withdrawal. Time to find the next best step to take. Walk away from whatever lets you down and doesn’t serve you well. Be brave to face your unconscious fears before you commit to a next step for your highest good.


Abundance is knocking the door for many of us! You are thriving in your business or job and more rewards are going to come. There would be opportunities for sound investments or purchases or moving assets, but plan wisely. If you are looking for a job or trying to decide on one, then it’s a big YES! A big and healthy sign of great financial stability awaits you. Home will prosper with material comforts.


This week might bring on some spiritual lessons on love, relationships and around family. A highly reliable practical partner who has great control on financial matters. They would care about providing security for their families. It might also mean someone who is a workaholic who is so focused on providing for the family that has little time for romance or emotional needs of their partner. The advice here is to put some money aside and build a nest for your relationship. Ground yourself and care for your relationships too. It is important you take the wisdom from your partner but stay true to yourself. Heal yourself through spiritual guidance and learn the lessons. You have the inner strength to help you through your path.

Overall guidance

This week might make you feel worn out and exhausted. But better days are certainly ahead! You might feel at your rock bottom so let go of whatever needs to die/go from within you. Don’t keep pouring your energy on what hasn’t worked for you in the past. Remember – you have the power of the magician to turn everything around. You know how to bring the material world in alignment with the spiritual world. Secrets are inside you – tap your power!

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