New to Tarot journey?

Starting your divination journey? Here are some tips for you.. read on!

Divination is advice

You have free will so YOU have the ability to change your future through your thoughtful actions. If you dont like an outcome, change it!

Bond with your cards

When you get a deck, carry it with you, shuffle it, sleep with it! Bond with it. Let the cards know you and get your energy into them.

Start simple, practice, practice, practice

Try single card reading everyday, or otherwise 3 card readings. But do practice as and when you can, often!

Daily card pull

When you do a daily card pull, dont read the book right away. Study the imagery, design and see what comes to you. Once you get some messages, then study its meaning. How does it relate to your current situation or your day? Reflect, journal, learn and practice over again next day.

Interview your deck

Its a good way to get to know a new deck. There are many spreads out there, here is one of my favorite which I use with many of my decks. You will find more – use what resonates with you. BUT do it!

Pin on tarot

Cleanse it

As with any new tool, cleanse your decks often, new or old. It helps remove any old energy bound to your decks, whether through your personal readings or client readings. Cleaning them on a full moon is one of the best ways and I do it once every month! If you have crystals, use them too – Kynaite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz are some of my favorites.

If you have any more tips, put them in comments section and share with me and others!

Take care and Stay safe!

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