The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents darkness, mystery, the psychic forces, the power of the moon to drive the unconscious, passivity and the wisdom gained through these. Many people have sometime felt that they understood something so deeply that they cannot ever manage how to explain it. The High Priestess is the inner wisdom at its deepest level. It presents the sense of mystery in life, things that we do not know and things that we should not know. A period of passivity and withdrawal can enrich our lives by allowing things inside to awaken. it is that secret knowledge that the feeling of understanding something intuitively gives the answer to some of our great problems, if only we could answer them consciously. The potential and strong possibilities we never realized. So action must follow. Alternatively, it could indicate passiveness at the wrong time leading to weakness and fear of life, people and situations. A highly intuitive person who cannot translate feelings into productive actions or cannot open up to people or situations to act wisely and in the right direction.

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