The Fools Journey!

THE FOOL, oh so young and naïve, has no plans, no strategies, no fears. Takes a leap of faith and starts on his adventure off a cliff and into the life’s journey.

He meets THE MAGICIAN, who teaches him ways to manifest his journey and goals with the tools and resources he has in his small backpack and his abilities.

THE FOOL seeks out THE HIGH PRIESTESS, since he believes she has the hidden knowledge he needs on his journey of life. But he needs to travel far and wide to know it all. Something he doesn’t know right now and something he shouldn’t know as yet.

THE EMPRESS, mothers him, takes him under her wings. Feeds and clothes him with abundance and encourages him to fulfil his life’s destiny.

THE EMPEROR fathers him, teaches him right from wrong, empowers him to take decisions, encourages him to structure his thoughts and plans and become the master of his own fate.

THE HIEROPHANT teaches him ways of the world and educates him about traditions, customs and religions.

During his journey, THE FOOL realizes he needs to make alliances and relationships. THE LOVERS teach him the importance of meaningful unions and connections to help in his life’s path.

THE FOOL sets out to make directions of his journey. THE CHARIOT teaches him to be firm and determined on this path he believes is the right path and make it to his goals.

THE STRENGTH reminds him that his determination and endurance is what will see him through difficult times in his journey. Its not the physical strength, but the inner strength which will help in his future trials.

THE HERMIT then teaches THE FOOL to look inside himself to seek truth and knowledge so he makes right decisions through his way.

Armed with all that knowledge, he comes to THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. He now understands that what goes up will come down eventually and whatever he has known and gathered as knowledge will be put to test.

JUSTICE reminds him that there are 2 sides of every person and situation and hence he needs to be fair in his future assessments of people and situations, to ensure he progresses well in his journey.

But before he sets out further, he takes a break and contemplates his next action and move. THE HANGED MAN demonstrates to him to stop and reflect on what was and what’s to come, before he ventures further into the world of trials.

But before he moves on, DEATH intercepts to teach him change, regroup, rejuvenate and start afresh. Change is the only constant in life!

There is still something he needs to learn. TEMPRANCE teaches him moderation, find balance and harmony in everything he does.

No sooner that he learns moderation, that THE FOOL is put to test.

THE DEVIL tempts him with his own insecurities, self doubt, materialistic pleasures and addictions of a dreamy world and life. They trap him and do not allow him to move any further on the quest of his life’s goals.

And soon his whole world comes crashing down as THE TOWER does. Chaos, destruction all around him. Whatever he knew and gathered as beliefs are destroyed and erased. He must now start anew.

And then, like a small light, he sees THE STAR in the sky. It tells him to not despair and that all will be well. It renews hope in him.

THE MOON, however, reminds him that all is not what it seems. He still needs to face his fears and shadow self. The moonlight can play tricks on him and so he needs to proceed with caution for the rest of his journey.

As the night comes to an end, THE SUN comes up bright and playful. It warms up THE FOOL and gives him renewed energy, strength and belief in himself to continue with his life journey and reach for his goals. His destiny is calling him.

It is then, that the angel of JUDGEMENT helps THE FOOL to evaluate his previous actions, decisions, deeds and wash himself of the past, so that THE FOOL can be reborn with that understanding of all the experiences he encountered.

THE FOOL comes to the end of his journey eventually, as he sees THE WORLD. His mission completes and his knowledge is absolute. He is wise and full of wisdom. Getting to know himself, he has gotten to know THE WORLD. Ultimate satisfaction of making himself whole.

The Fool's Journey!

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