Reversed Cards… anyone?

Today, I thought I will write about reversed cards in Tarot.

When I started my tarot journey, many years ago, I never used to read reversed cards. Infact, I used to keep all my cards neatly aligned so I never find a reversed card in my deck or during my reading.

This worked very well for almost two years or so. But Universe works in strange ways!

Strangely, a couple of times in my readings, one or two cards started coming out in reverse position. I tried to read that out to the client at that time, but the very phenomenon suddenly made me doubtful of my cards and shuffling method. When I checked my deck, indeed, none of the other cards were in reversed position. NONE.

Well, how could that happen? Just one card decided to come out reversed? Coincidence? or I just did not keep my cards properly aligned? Could be! May be!

This happened with me 2-3 times during my client reads. And I took it as a sign from the Universe that I need to read reversed cards, at least start learning consciously, because the reversed card meant something for my client at that moment of my reading. And it was important I read it out to them.

Right? Yea.

I know many tarot readers who still don’t read reversed cards due to either the complexity around them with the overall reading or just a matter of convenience!

Eventually, I learned and practiced more with reversed cards and here I am now, after almost 5 years, reading them in a mix as simply as any other upright card. Realizing that each card in a tarot reading has a significant meaning in the overall story! And so its important that the message be read and understood.

That’s my encounter with reversed cards, for all who are reading this post 🙂

To make it easier, let me give you some quick tips to read these reversed cards. Might help you too in your journey or may be give you a little head start to start including reversed cards in your tarot readings, if you want to. Because, they ARE important!

Reversed cards, can be read in 3 ways, just see whatever works with you. Practice and you will be through!

Blocked Energy

Something is preventing or holding the card from manifesting or fulfilling its purpose and meaning. The very energy of the card is blocked

Eg: Page of pentacles reversed – might mean just not starting anything new.


This is about using ‘no’ or ‘not’ with the meaning of the original upright card.

Eg: Page of Pentacles reversed – unambitious or unmotivated to start a new financial project. May be doesn’t want to, or no entrepreneur sprint. Look at the other cards to find the reason or advice.


Difficult or unavailable energy, hesitation, uncertainty. Energy flows less smoothly, might be due to some external delay too. Overall changes might take longer than expected.

Ex: Page of pentacles reversed – might indicate a delay in starting a new enterprise or a financial endeavor, perhaps a financial or management delay. The enterprise might not start as soon as one hopes. Reasons can usually be found in the other cards of the reading.

The Page of Pentacles b – Truly Teach Me Tarot

Whatever feels right to you or resonates with you, choose that one method, any method and stick to it. Or use different methods in different readings and see what makes sense to you in a reading. But ensure to use only one method for the entire reading. Let the universe know before you start your reading, on the method you want to follow for a certain reading you are in that moment!

Hope this post helped in some way. Do let me know in comments if it did 🙂

Enjoy! Love and Light!

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3 thoughts on “Reversed Cards… anyone?

  1. Mistic this was me in the beginning. I love posts like these, I’m sure there are tons of tarot readers that do this. For me, in time I had the universe nudge me with jumpers in reverse. They landed in reverse. I picked them up in reverse. I would straighten them and they would fall again in reverse. I feeI I was given ample time to study the cards, my cards knew I was ready. They trusted me to read them in reverse, it’s pretty cool the vibe you get when your cards are truly connected to you!
    Thank you for this post. Today I will Thank them, or maybe hold a lil celebration 🎉 for all my decks!

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