Past life

“The soul is not born;

it does not die;

it was not produced from anyone;

Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain.

– Katha Upanishad

Have you ever wondered why do some people fear about heights, water or fire more than others? Phobias as we call them! Or may be feel for a stranger as if you know them very well? Other times, when you visit a place, you feel as if you have been there before, a feeling of ‘de-ja-vu’. You see vivid dreams and remember them. Sometimes, you see them over and over again and try to find connections, but cannot. Many of us have experienced extraordinary feelings, sensations, memories that seem to occur from a mysterious experience.

The answers of such phenomenon, they say, can be found in our past lives.

Dr. Brian Weiss, most learned on past lives, says, – it’s possible to heal and grow, your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships, through past life learnings and healings.

Rebirth of energy and every form of life occurs around us in different forms every single day. The cycle of nature, day and night, the motion of the earth, sun, moon and solar system, the life of a plant from seed to seed again… Reincarnation is very nature of life!

Since the time I had the feeling of spiritual awakening, I used to see images I could not relate to. With time, and once I started my divination journey, I realized its connection with my past live. I did go through past life regression and took help of my cards to connect the dots. Read a few books too. Slowly, my belief strengthened. My cards gave me more and more insights and my sense gave me more images. Today, I feel I know fairly well, why do I experience what I do, why do I go through certain situations and the lessons they bring to me.

So today, wanted to pen down the signs through which the Universe tells you that you indeed had a past life! These are through my experience and various reads of past many years..listing just a few..

  1. Unexplainable fears and phobias. Fear of animals, places, objects with no valid reason. In most cases, a past life regression can help revial the reasons.
  2. Repetitive dreams which signify trauma, fears and issues that our brain is not been able to resolve. Dreams are a reflection of our uncounsious mind and many times relates to our past life.
  3. Familiarity or fondness of places, objects, people which you have had no connection to. If you feel a fondness to a particular period in history and wished deeply that you could go back in time to live at that age, could point to your past life.
  4. Fondness for people you meet the first time and feel they are the ones you know since a long long time! This could indicate a karmic relationship or a karmic debt.
  5. I have met kids, who talk about things which have no conneciton to them or have never experienced things which they talk about so well. Much of that comes through their past life. Specially for children below the age of 3-4 years.
  6. Sometimes, in a deep state or during meditation, people see images of future or places or people. Termed as ‘precognition’, is also an indication of a past life. Comes through vision, feelings, dreams or sensations.
  7. ‘De-ja-vu’! A feeling of knowing. A feeling of already experiencing what you are seeing. A feeling that you have lived a particular moment before.

The Past life oracle deck has been a real favourite for me since a long time to help people release their strong feeling of confusion about what they feel, see, dream.

Last week, I could help one of my clients to really understand what they are going through in their current life, due to what they experienced in their past life. Her mother confirmed some part of it stating that my client used to talk about some related stuff when she was little. We had an amazing experience in that entire session. This post came as an inspiraiton from that session to pen down my thoughts!

Hope you liked the post, whether you believe in re-incarnation or not, there is a powerful source somewhere which helps us navigate each lifetime and make us learn what is meant for us.

Love & Light 💖🔮

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