The Heirophant

The elite or the learned, leading the masses to where they cannot go themselves. Represents secret doctrines. It doesn’t tell us what to do, but instead gives us the direction to begin working on ourselves.

Represents initiation, by means through which the individual becomes united with the Universe. The crossed keys are gold and silver, representing outer and inner ways, the sun and the moon, which the doctrine teaches us to combine. It gives the education of tradition in which the individual can firmly root his or her personal development.

In its best aspect, the Heirophant can give us a place to start in creating a personal awareness of God or the Creator. The three people give the idea of a triad – the conscious, the unconscious and the super conscious. The card signifies the Universe, God, doctrines, education and traditions in general.

Psychologically it can indicate orthodoxy, conformity to society’s ideas and codes or a surrender of responsibilities. It indicates our own sense of obedience.

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