Energy of the day!

Beautiful message to start your morning šŸ’–šŸ’«šŸŒ»

Time of great intuition and guidance from your inner awareness. Information flow and inspiration from the wonderful spirit world. The presence of a loving angel, a loving friend or family in spirit are sending much love and assistance. Quiten your mind and listen. Seek the blessings you desire. The gentle waves of pink and beautiful green energy indicate that you now are vibrating to a higher frequency of love and acceptance from others and yourself. Encourage yourself for compassionate self talk. Universe will send people and situations that will grow your sense of love and support.

The energy of love and light flows through you today!

An indication of new love..or may be a deeper connection with someone already in your life. But remember that the intentions of tenderness must be directed towards yourself first. The compassion you give to yourself will influence the energy around you.

The Angel of love is smiling on you today! Have a great day and a beautiful morning šŸŒ„

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