New beginnings, spontaneity, courageously leaping into a new phase of life specially when the leap is from a deep feeling inside you rather than any careful planning, urging faith in ourselves and our lives! What does fool mean to you? Comment with the word or phrase that comes to your mind 😇

New to Tarot journey?

Starting your divination journey? Here are some tips for you.. read on! Divination is advice You have free will so YOU have the ability to change your future through your thoughtful actions. If you dont like an outcome, change it! Bond with your cards When you get a deck, carry it with you, shuffle it, … Continue reading New to Tarot journey?

Weekly Tarot Guidance

Hello people! Greetings! Weekly tarot reading for my lovely friends. If you see this, this reading is for you! General It’s a time to withdraw. Pull back from the current situation or from whatever that is no longer working for you. Go into solitude to find the answers you see, and answers will come. Signifies … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Guidance

Weekly Tarot Guidance

Dear friends, I picked up my very beautiful and gorgeous Everyday Witch Tarot Deck this morning. Here is your guidance for this week, from spirits and the Universe. A time of new horizons, inner strength , changes/transformations and learning coming for many of us. An great, positive reading – Hope this guidance helps you to … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Guidance

Reading Offer!!

Hello people! Am taking bookings for next month, starting March 1st.If you are interested, please comment below or send me a message.If you are not interested, please share this post so someone else can benefit 🙂 ANNNDDD.... this time my readings are on offer as well - for March is a special month for me! … Continue reading Reading Offer!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

A loving message from your Angels and Guides – on this Valentine ’s Day 🙂 Everything is how it needs to be right now. Have faith in the Universe – its working for your highest good. Use positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high. You are powerful and your positive thoughts can … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

Tarot Timings

Whenever I sit reading for my clients, the most questions asked are: "When will I get married?" "When will I go abroad?" "When will I get a new job?" "When will I have children?" "When this...?" "When that..?" "When......?" As a reader (most readers will probably agree!), I do not believe in setting a time … Continue reading Tarot Timings

Full Moon night!

Hello tribe! Hope all are doing well 🙂 Three things can never be hidden - The Sun, The Moon and The Truth!Buddha Yesterday was Full Moon night. When the sky is lit with bright white light, it reassures us that someday all your challenges will pass and you will stand strong with everything being all … Continue reading Full Moon night!