The Hanged Man

You have gone through multiple crisis in your life already. And after crisis, comes acceptance, The Hanged Man! The Hanged Man has surrendered to the rhythms of life, it involves releasing the emotions that have been locked up for years. Look carefully at the crossed legs, its a 4 upside down. It symbolizes the Earth … Continue reading The Hanged Man

Energy of the day!

Beautiful message to start your morning ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒป Time of great intuition and guidance from your inner awareness. Information flow and inspiration from the wonderful spirit world. The presence of a loving angel, a loving friend or family in spirit are sending much love and assistance. Quiten your mind and listen. Seek the blessings you desire. … Continue reading Energy of the day!

Reversed Cards… anyone?

Today, I thought I will write about reversed cards in Tarot. When I started my tarot journey, many years ago, I never used to read reversed cards. Infact, I used to keep all my cards neatly aligned so I never find a reversed card in my deck or during my reading. This worked very well … Continue reading Reversed Cards… anyone?

Weekly guidance

Dear friends, Here is your guidance for this week, from spirits and the Universe. Itโ€™s so amazing to see so many Major Arcanaโ€™s come up for this weekโ€™s reading. Certainly a time of major changes/transformations and learning coming for many of us. An extremely positive reading - Hope this guidance helps you to move forward … Continue reading Weekly guidance

My Crystal Beauties

My latest collection of Crystals, love them so so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ Clockwise from the black one : Black Tourmaline Blue LagateRose QuartzClear QuartzPyriteGreen AventurineAmythestCitrine (in the middle) What to know more about my Crystals and what can they be used for? Keep reading this space for more! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love and Light!

Crystal Guidance

Crystals - The Jewelry of Mother Earth Anuradha Citrine Citrine is a manifestation crystal that can motivate us to take action! It brings optimism and cheerfulness. Citrine is a good stone for aligning all the chakras, our energy centers. Since it is yellow, it is connected to the comfort, warmth and power given by the sunlight. It stimulates mental power and helps … Continue reading Crystal Guidance