Hi People!

I am Anuradha. I live in Delhi and have spent twenty years in the corporate world (already?).

I have been associated with psychic abilities and the mystic space since childhood and have been very fascinated with my experiences. I have had several opportunities to travel far and wide across India and abroad. During this life journey, I realized that my clairvoyance and clairsentience abilities were far more prominent than I ever acknowledged.

Tarot reading came naturally to me through my intuitive reading abilities. While destiny takes its course for every soul in every lifetime, I strongly believe that each one of us has been incarnated on this earth with a free will, which when applied to current life situations, can help bring us closer to our life purpose. We get to know the reason for which we are brought on this earth, and gain the learning of this lifetime.

My psychic abilities hit a transformational awakening about 3 years back! Since then, I have guided several people around the world on their life purpose and helped them make informed decisions and choices, to help them navigate through difficult situations, by connecting with my intuition, coupled with the guiding light of my cards.

Everyday life problems, relationships, career and life purpose readings – I do it all! I add an extra touch to the readings through Cystals. I also do Lunar and Energy readings, which if channeled appropriately, can help us navigate through any life situation with divine blessings.

That being said – I do not believe in predicting the future, but rather in creating one!

I connect with my clients energy, my intuition and the cards, to give a relevant reading for the situation someone approaches me for.

Keep reading this space for all I do and how I guide people to manifest clarity of thoughts and abundance in their lives, with the choices they make!

WE are the creators of our own path!

Love and Light!