Tarot and Lenormand

What is the difference? I started my journey with reading Tarot cards. After about a couple of years, I started developing interest in Lenormand. It wasn't easy or straightforward for me. I took a few months, read several articles, books and courses, before I got decently proficient in the readings. Today, I read both Tarot … Continue reading Tarot and Lenormand

Cleaning and Charging

Our Tarot decks, oracle decks or our crystals, whatever we have, are sacred. They absorb energy and are divination tools which need cleaning and charging. Its is very important we take care of them on a regular basis. Below are some tips which I use, including most readers I know. Sharing for a reference. Cleansing: … Continue reading Cleaning and Charging

The Lovers

This card represents duality. Important choice between two desires. A choice between darkness and light. Choice between something respectable but dull and something greatly desired but immoral. Might suggest a minor choice or a major crisis in a personโ€™s life. There are people living socially acceptable life but fight constant torments of desire within themselves. … Continue reading The Lovers