Cleaning and Charging

Our Tarot decks, oracle decks or our crystals, whatever we have, are sacred. They absorb energy and are divination tools which need cleaning and charging. Its is very important we take care of them on a regular basis. Below are some tips which I use, including most readers I know. Sharing for a reference. Cleansing: … Continue reading Cleaning and Charging

Reading Offer!!

Hello people! Am taking bookings for next month, starting March 1st.If you are interested, please comment below or send me a message.If you are not interested, please share this post so someone else can benefit 🙂 ANNNDDD.... this time my readings are on offer as well - for March is a special month for me! … Continue reading Reading Offer!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

A loving message from your Angels and Guides – on this Valentine ’s Day 🙂 Everything is how it needs to be right now. Have faith in the Universe – its working for your highest good. Use positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high. You are powerful and your positive thoughts can … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

My Crystal Beauties

My latest collection of Crystals, love them so so much! 🙂 Clockwise from the black one : Black Tourmaline Blue LagateRose QuartzClear QuartzPyriteGreen AventurineAmythestCitrine (in the middle) What to know more about my Crystals and what can they be used for? Keep reading this space for more! 🙂 Love and Light!

Crystal Guidance

Crystals - The Jewelry of Mother Earth Anuradha Citrine Citrine is a manifestation crystal that can motivate us to take action! It brings optimism and cheerfulness. Citrine is a good stone for aligning all the chakras, our energy centers. Since it is yellow, it is connected to the comfort, warmth and power given by the sunlight. It stimulates mental power and helps … Continue reading Crystal Guidance