The Fools Journey!

THE FOOL, oh so young and naïve, has no plans, no strategies, no fears. Takes a leap of faith and starts on his adventure off a cliff and into the life's journey. He meets THE MAGICIAN, who teaches him ways to manifest his journey and goals with the tools and resources he has in his … Continue reading The Fools Journey!

The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents darkness, mystery, the psychic forces, the power of the moon to drive the unconscious, passivity and the wisdom gained through these. Many people have sometime felt that they understood something so deeply that they cannot ever manage how to explain it. The High Priestess is the inner wisdom at its deepest … Continue reading The High Priestess


Manifestation, resourcefulness, inspired and directed action, will power The Magician raises his magic wand to bring into reality the spirit form and the life energy in its most creative form. It represents consciousness, action and creation. Symbolizes the idea of manifestation and making something real out of possibilities. He not only uses the physical world … Continue reading THE MAGICIAN


New beginnings, spontaneity, courageously leaping into a new phase of life specially when the leap is from a deep feeling inside you rather than any careful planning, urging faith in ourselves and our lives! What does fool mean to you? Comment with the word or phrase that comes to your mind 😇