Card of the day

Such an apt card for today! 2020 has been such a rough ride for almost all of us in various areas of life. Here's wishing an end to all difficult times and hoping for a happy healthy prosperous year to come. Enjoy people, its time to leave the past behind and wish for a bright … Continue reading Card of the day

Full Moon Night

As I look outside my window, gazing at the full blown beautiful moon, I could feel the smile on my face. Such a beauty in the sky! Wherever we are, we are all under the same sky, the same moon. The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses Today was a … Continue reading Full Moon Night

The number magic

When I started my Tarot journey, numbers did not come to me easily. However, with time and practice, I understood the special significance they have in Tarot readings. Am no numerology guru, but the number magic fascinated me when combined with Tarot. Today, while I was going through my cards and some readings, I realized … Continue reading The number magic

The Heirophant

The elite or the learned, leading the masses to where they cannot go themselves. Represents secret doctrines. It doesn't tell us what to do, but instead gives us the direction to begin working on ourselves. Represents initiation, by means through which the individual becomes united with the Universe. The crossed keys are gold and silver, … Continue reading The Heirophant

Past life

"The soul is not born;it does not die;it was not produced from anyone;Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain.– Katha Upanishad Have you ever wondered why do some people fear about heights, water or fire more than others? Phobias as we call them! Or may be feel for a stranger as … Continue reading Past life

Message for today

ENERGY CARD OF THE DAY A spirit holding a bright moon in front of crystal clear waters and receiving the light of moon and inspiration, is a message for you today! You are at your intuitive best today. Use it for your highest good. The Goddess brings you all sorts of information. A different route … Continue reading Message for today

The Emperor

The Emperor symbolizes the laws of society, both good and bad, and the power that enforces them. In the best aspect, he indicates the stability of a just society that allows its members to pursue their personal needs and development. The natural world is chaotic.. without any kind of social structure we could each spend … Continue reading The Emperor

The Astro Spread

I was always interested in astrology since I was little. When I began tarot, I wondered how astrology fits into it. I decided to start learning how both fit together. During my study path, I went through many amazing details of how zodiac signs can be clubbed with cards to find the root of problems … Continue reading The Astro Spread