Happy Valentine’s Day

A loving message from your Angels and Guides – on this Valentine ’s Day 🙂

Everything is how it needs to be right now. Have faith in the Universe – its working for your highest good. Use positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high. You are powerful and your positive thoughts can speed the resolution of whatever difficult situation you are in currently. Be fair and just to everyone and every situation. Archangel Raguel’s beautiful pale-blue energy is surrounding you and giving you faith in the humanity’s goodness. Focus on love and let anything unloving fall away. Turn on the lights to diminish the darkness! Look past the personalities and egos of others and see the wise angel within them. Forgive. Release all hurt, anger and judgement. Affirm what you desire instead of what you fear. Angels and the Archangels are sending you much love and light and guiding you through all your challenges – for LOVE is only REAL! It will bring you healing in ways you never dream of!

Crystal : Aquamarine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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