The Lovers

This card represents duality. Important choice between two desires. A choice between darkness and light. Choice between something respectable but dull and something greatly desired but immoral.

Might suggest a minor choice or a major crisis in a person’s life.

There are people living socially acceptable life but fight constant torments of desire within themselves. Men and women contain separate life principles in their bodies, and through physical love, these principles join together.

Also signifies the importance of love in a person’s life and to a specific lover. Relates to marriage or a long term relationship. The card implies that the particular relationship has been or will prove to be very valuable to the person, helping them understand a new meaning to life.

For a specific problem in life, the Lovers can also indicate help in some way, either through the lover or through emotional support.

In a past position, can also mean deep nostalgia for a past love

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