Full Moon night!

Hello tribe! Hope all are doing well šŸ™‚

Three things can never be hidden – The Sun, The Moon and The Truth!


Yesterday was Full Moon night. When the sky is lit with bright white light, it reassures us that someday all your challenges will pass and you will stand strong with everything being all right!

Feel the light of the Moon and the Spirit occupying and enlightening your whole body, until nothing more than LOVE remains!

For all my dear friends, who read this post, I did a Full Moon reading in the night, with one of my favorite Moonology Oracle deck. Read the guidance and believe in the magic of the power of the Moon and the Universe!

Whats falling away and what do we need to forgive?

Leo is the sign of the big brave-hearted lion. The energy is hot and gorgeous. The card is a reminder to love yourself and that you need to be proud of who you are! Forgive yourself for any past influences and heal yourself. You are brave and its time to believe in yourself to move forward with courage and pride. Let the people see your shining light. Have some pride in yourself and stop worrying about what people think of you. You should be willing to do your bit and new projects, good news with follow for you – or may be just a new start for your children.

Whats the illuminated Full Moon showing me?

The Gibbous Full Moon is bulging with possibility and coming to a peak. You are on the right path, but the card is reminding us that we need some adjustments before we get what we want. It also suggests a situation might be tense so do not push too hard, for things might blow up! Its a good time to review your plans. Keep the momentum and stay focused. Good time for new projects. Ripe time and ripe situations.

What comes next?

A new start for you professionally. Whatever might be going on in your working life, this card suggests a new and improved work cycle. If you are unhappy in your current work profile, its time to look for something fresh and new and strategize. Have a long term plan and think seriously about it. Make sure you execute it well too! Be more disciplined, hard work will bring dreams to reality. A good omen for study or teaching. Its a sign of ambition and hard work with a solid and rigid energy around it. With planning and disciple you can achieve what you set your mind to.

Good luck friends!

Want a personalized reading? Send me a message!

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