The Astro Spread

I was always interested in astrology since I was little. When I began tarot, I wondered how astrology fits into it. I decided to start learning how both fit together.

During my study path, I went through many amazing details of how zodiac signs can be clubbed with cards to find the root of problems and find appropriate solutions too.

Many spreads helped me learn the art. But this special one stuck with me. More so for the accurate readings it gave me over and over again. My clients always went happy and contended!

So here it is for all you beautiful people reading this post ğŸ’ž

Try it out, with credit to Mystic Space, and let me know your experiences ğŸ˜‡ğŸ”®ğŸŽ†ğŸ’–

Want a personalized reading? Send me a message!

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