The Emperor

The Emperor symbolizes the laws of society, both good and bad, and the power that enforces them.

In the best aspect, he indicates the stability of a just society that allows its members to pursue their personal needs and development. The natural world is chaotic.. without any kind of social structure we could each spend all our lives fighting to survive. Stability allows spiritual development too!

In a negative aspect, the Emperor represents the power of unjust laws of a society where stability takes precedence over morality. In an unjust society, the power of an Emperor hinders personal development.

The old and stiff looking Emperor represents sterility of a life rigidly governed by rules. The river that flows so powerfully through the Empress garden has here become a thin stream barely able to penetrate a lifeless desert. The ankh indicates that under the law he bears the power of life and death and hopes to use it well. The four rams symbolizes Aries not only for force and aggression, but as a first zodiac sign, also signifies the new life of spring which can emerge from the stability of a  just society!

The Emperor also indicates the time of stability and order in a person’s life opening up the creative energy. Can also represent someone who holds great power over the subject. Can be a father, husband or lover to whom the subject has probably surrendered their lives.

The Emperor can indicate the ability to defend one’s territory, create firm boundaries and strongly maintain them. A rationalist approach to issues that value analysis and measurement over emotion and intuition.

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