Color symbolism

If you look at the traditional Raider-Waite Tarot deck, the imagery speaks to you vibrantly. The images, people, signs, symbols and colors hold a huge significance in each card. Each of those play a significant role while doing a reading. Most decks have imagery which brings out colors so vividly that readings come out significantly accurate through those symbols and colors.

Today, I thought of putting down the significance of colors. Hope you like it 🙂

Clear bright colors have a very positive meaning attached to them and bring positivity in a reading.

Colors fall in 3 categories:

  1. Primary : These are the main colors – Red, yellow and blue.
  2. Secondary : These are produced by combining 2 primary colors – orange, green, and violet.
  3. Tertiary : These are produced by combining 2 secondary colors – citron, olive, and russet.

You will see these come out in the Raider-Waite deck specifically when it relates to sky and clothing.

The secondary and tertiary colors also have the energies/attributes/qualities/correspondences of the colors that make them, eg: Orange has ‘Yellow’ & “Red’ qualities in varying amounts as well as ‘Orange’ qualities.

Here is a chart, which lists some of the qualities of each of the colors. With experience, you would be able to define more or remove some as you move forward in your journey. This is only referential!

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