The Chariot

The Chariot is more than Victory. Driving a two horse vehicle at a speed requires great control over the vehicle and the animals. Our mind is the Chariot, controlling our ego, our emotions and the powerful will. Spiritual victory over evil comes only when we focus all of nature and our unconscious through the conscious will.

Chariot shows developed ego. A mature adult, successful in life, admired, confident and content. Able to control feelings and direct the will. The strong character has the ability to control the forces in life.

The Chariot is shown larger than the town behind him indicating the powerful will than the rules of the society. All previous card symbols can be seen in the Chariot card – wands, water, sphinxes, veil, canopy, city, shoulder plates, lingam – symbolizing that all forces contribute to the outer personality. Though the sphinxes look in opposite directions, the charioteer’s will holds them together in tense balance. If that will fails, the Chariot and the rider will fall apart, torn in different directions. The sphinxes also signify dualities and contradictions of life. The ability of the Charioteer to control those contradictions with the will power is what gives life its direction. The card reminds us that if we do not understand the basic humanity with its strength and weaknesses, then life will overpower and destroy us.

Chariot symbolizes maturity, accepting the limits of life, rational understanding, all of which defines the existence and control of life. Decisions to be made with rational mind.

In a reading it might signify that a person is successfully controlling some difficult situation through their personality or will. The situation might have contradictions which are simply held under control. Means success, great personality. If it deals with difficult situations outcomes, it signifies victory, otherwise signifies decisions to be taken with rational basis and will power, controlling emotions and situations.

Note that will power always does not sustain us and bring conclusions, sometimes, we need to give way to the Universe to do its work and have our learnings.

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