Maha Shivratri

Shiva is one of India’s ‘trinity’ god figure and is known as a ‘destroyer’ because of his supreme energy and ability to destroy fear. The cobra around his neck represents the ability to tame fear and ego, surrounded by starts showing his connection to the cosmos. He is the supreme father energy offering parental protection, support and guidance. Called as a ‘cosmic dancer’ who coordinates the interaction of the Earth with the cosmos. He has the capacity to help us move beyond our fears of failure and into clarity and connection.

Kali, also called Goddess Parvati, is Shiva’s soul and partner. This ultra –powerful Hindu goddess, is the embodiment of Mother Nature and cleans away the old with natural storms and fires to make the ground fertile for new crops and life. She is the ultimate ‘get-things-done’ goddess and is a powerful ally to those who call upon her for help. She will push you beyond your comfort zone to help you reach your highest potential.

Together, they are a perfect example of a power couple who help you move through life, overcoming fears and clearing the bad/old patterns to give way to newness of life, and move beyond challenges for your highest and greatest good.

A very Happy Shivratri, to all those who believe and celebrate!

Love and light to all! 🙏🏻

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