The psychic laws of Justice, by which we advance according to our ability to understand the past, depends on seeing the truth about ourselves and about life. That is why, traditionally, the Justice persona in the card, is not blindfolded.

If you note carefully, not just the perfectly balanced scales, but every imagery in the card points to an equilibrium between understanding and action. The sword, which indicates action, points straight upwards, signify both resolve and the idea that the wisdom is like a sword piercing through the illusion of events to find the inner meanings. Remember, we are formed by the actions we have taken in the past, and we define our future by the actions we take now. True action arises from self knowledge; wisdom arises from action.

Note the color of the veil, a symbol of inner wisdom. The background , crown, hair and scales are all yellow, signifying mental force. All our thinking goes nowhere unless it develops out of a clear vision of truth. Like it or not, whatever you do and whatever you experience, contributes to your development as a person and your personality. Its not a moral requirement though, just a fact of existence.

As in the Wheel of Fortune, the center signifies a stationery point around which the opposites endlessly revolve; in the same manner, the scales in the Justice card, suggests that stationary point. When we find the center of our lives, our truth, everything comes into balance. When all the opposites, including our past and future, come into balance, we are able to free within ourselves. Our supposedly free choices, are rather governed by our past actions. Only by seeing and accepting our past can we free ourselves from it.

Justice card indicates that the events have worked out in the way they were meant to be, coming to you from situations and decisions of your past. We get what we deserve. It strongly indicates the need and the possibility of seeing the truth of this outcome, with absolute honesty. It also tells us that our future can possibly change if we learn the lesson of the present situation. As a matter of fact, we cannot become honest to ourselves without extending that honesty in our dealings with other people. Honesty, fairness, correct actions, even in legal or other matters, a just decision – not necessarily liked or preferred by everyone.

Reversed card indicates dishonesty with yourself and others, an unwillingness to see the meaning of events, unfair actions or decisions, unjust legal decisions or even bad treatment from others.

Whether the right way up or reserved, the clear eyes of Justice sends us an overwhelming message that nothing can save you but yourself!

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