Hiya people!

After a long pause of almost a month, am back ๐Ÿ™‚

I had run an offer between March 1st and March 10th, for a discount on my readings and I got loads of responses! It was an exciting time of almost 20 days with several readings – Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand. Overwhelmed with so much love from my clients!! Thank you so much!!

All this news on COVID – 19 has been draining my energies and I saw this with many of my clients too. One of whom lost her grandfather to this dreaded virus! Is was so devastating for her and her family and I prayed for their well-being!

Since the time I finished my set of final readings by March 20th, I took a break to reconnect with myself and my energies. Just connecting with my cards and taking some time for being with myself and talking to my inner self a little more than I had done in the recent past.

I also enhanced my skills and read up more on divination – Tarot and Lenormand. Added some more certifications to my file!! So excited!!

That being said – am now back to readings once again and this lovely blog of mine! No – I had not forgotten it ๐Ÿ™‚

So keep reading and I will add some new stuff on Tarot, Lenormand and divination in general. Am also getting back to the weekly readings I post here.

Stay tuned and Hi! once again.

Love and Light!

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