Quick tip with Tarot!

So many new Tarot readers have the same struggle, learning all 78 cards! When I started with this journey almost 5 years back, I had the same feelings and so I can relate to all such readers completely!

However, I read up and practiced quite a lot in those initial days. Also, since I can read images intuitively, I did have a better hand on Tarot. Being clairvoyant, gave me an extra edge. I used to combine my imaging skills with the numbers on the cards and then learned interpreting each card – one at a time! Yes, the numbers on those cards are for a reason – for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

For all the new Tarot readers who read this post, I have a quick and easy trick for you to try and help with your Tarot journey. It will give you a higher confidence than trying to refer books for each of your readings or trying to post on groups to help with interpretation!

I will cover Minor Arcana in this post. Minor Arcana are the 1-10 numbered cards of 4 Tarot suits.

Here you go.. ๐Ÿ™‚

So to start with what does each of the Suits signify? Here they are :

  • Cups (water): Emotions, creativity, intuition, relationships, spirituality
  • Pentacles (earth): Material wealth, money, career, practical earthy matters, business
  • Swords (air): Communication, truth, intellect, thoughts, ideas, focus on mental processes
  • Wands (fire): Inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, physical movement, action

Now lets see what numbers suggest per numerology. Now, am no queen of numerology, so don’t beat me on it ๐Ÿ™‚ but I know what each number stands for and how that works with Tarot, so here you go..

1 โ€“ (Aces) Beginnings, opportunity, potential

2 โ€“ Balance, partnership, duality, choices

3 โ€“ Creativity, groups, growth

4 โ€“ Structure, stability, manifestation, control

5 โ€“ Change, instability, conflict, disappointment

6 โ€“ Communication, co-operation, harmony

7 โ€“ Reflection, assessment, knowledge

8 โ€“ Mastery, action, accomplishment

9 โ€“ Fruition, attainment, fulfillment

10 โ€“ Completion, end of a cycle, renewal

So now lets put these 2 bucket information together and see what it gives us!

Five of Cups – Conflict/instability/disappointment related to emotions/relationships

Eight of Pentacles – Mastery/learning/knowledge of practical matters/skills

Two of Wands – Duality/Choices to act on (actionable)

Four of Swords – Stability/structure in mental processes

Now, try to combine with the images on the cards, it will give you all you need..

For example – Four of Swords – asks you to rest and give yourself time to structure your thoughts and mental processes.

So you see how this works wonderfully??

Now – right them down in a journal and make your own interpretations, sitting with each card and writing what comes to you. Nothing is right or wrong! Its how YOU see it and what your intuition says!

Some people use the phrase as “reading Tarot intuitively”. Go ahead and explore! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment below and tell me how it goes for you and did it help you in any way.. hoping it does!

Good luck tribe!

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