The Empress

Represents more benign aspects of female archetype. Motherhood, love, gentleness, sexuality, emotion, female mistress.

Basics to life. Passions rather than ideas. The idea of nature with all its glory. Her shield is a heart, feet has grains, nine planets as her necklace and twelve signs of zodiac as her crown. She wears the Universe as her jewelry. The Great mother is not the form of nature but the underlying principle of life. The river is the force of life, carrying us forward through experience until, with death, our individual lives return to the sea of existence.

Motherhood is the basic means by which life continues throughout nature. Empress also represents a time of passion, a period when we approach life through feelings and pleasure rather than thought. The passion is sexual or motherly, either way it is deeply experienced.

In a wrong context, can mean stubborn emotional approach, a refusal to consider facts, self-indulgent pleasure when restraint is needed.

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