The number magic

When I started my Tarot journey, numbers did not come to me easily. However, with time and practice, I understood the special significance they have in Tarot readings. Am no numerology guru, but the number magic fascinated me when combined with Tarot.

Today, while I was going through my cards and some readings, I realized my sub-conscious mind was more attracted towards the numbers on the cards, for some reason! So this post is a result of that ‘number feeling’ inside me taking precedence today.

For all those Tarot enthusiast or Tarot beginners, read on! And if you are a Tarot and numbers expert, happy to learn more from you, if you add your comments to this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. (Aces) New beginnings, opportunity, potential, inspiration
  2. Balance, duality, choice, partnership, crossroads
  3. Initial achievement, growth, creativity, groups
  4. Structure, foundation, manifestation, stability
  5. Instability, change, conflict, challenge
  6. Communication, problem solving, co-operation, harmony, adjustment
  7. Reflection, assessment, spirituality, discovery, knowledge
  8. Movement, action, change, clarity, regeneration, accomplishment
  9. Fruition, fulfilment, meaning completion, attainment
  10. Completion, end of cycle, renewal

You might also want to read my post on how to club numbers with Tarot suits and decipher the meanings, instead of learning all 78 cards. Read on the quick Tarot tip here!

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2 thoughts on “The number magic

  1. Yesss! Right on time โœจ
    Iโ€™m currently being drawn to numbers as well. Especially playing cards as tarot. I learned historically for playing cards -52 cards represent the weeks in a years, suits as elements & 13 cards per suit for lunar months. Youโ€™re post encourages me to keep learning & listening to my intuition in regards to divination. Thank you!

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