Tarot and Lenormand

What is the difference?

I started my journey with reading Tarot cards. After about a couple of years, I started developing interest in Lenormand. It wasn’t easy or straightforward for me. I took a few months, read several articles, books and courses, before I got decently proficient in the readings.

Today, I read both Tarot and Lenormand together. Mixing them as needed per the situation in question.

Many clients and many new readers have asked me this several times – What is the difference between the Tarot and Lenormand?

Am sure, many of us have been through this question somewhere in our reading journey. So when a friend of mine asked this question again today, I knew the topic of my next post 😀

78 Tarot and 36 Lenormand

The very basic of the differences is the number of cards and their structure.

Tarot is a set of 78 cards structured as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Majors are 22 in number, while Minors are divided in 4 Suits, numbered Ace (1) to Ten in each Suit, along with 4 Court cards in each of the 4 Suits (King, Queen, Knight, Page). They have rich imagery, which suggests various interpretations depending on the situation and how the reader intuitively reads them.

Lenormand, on the other hand, is a set of 36 cards numbered 1 to 36. Simple playing card correspondences with no defined structure.


Tarot cards have their reverse meanings too. In most cases, a reversed card indicates blockage, negativity, or extremes situations in a reading. Moral judgements might also be attached depending on the reading context.

Lenormand cards, lack reversals. Each card is associated with a general symbol, which holds both positive and negative connotation, which the reader needs to interpret depending on the context of the reading. Eg: while Anchor card can show stability, it can also point to being stuck in a situation, again, depending on the context of the reading.


Both Tarot and Lenormand equally simulate our intuition, but the trigger is markedly different.

Tarot is visual, rich in imagery. Every symbol, color, position in a spread, upright/reversal holds a special significance in the reading. They are used for meditation, spiritual guidance and self understanding. Connects with your sub-conscious and offers new perspective and guidance to your situation and life path for your highest good.

Lenormand, on the other hand, are more semantic. Simple cards with one keyword each. Have a few spreads, in which the keywords connect like a chain. Card messages form sentences and their meanings depend on the keywords/card combinations, which give different meanings under different situations. Context of the reading is a very important factor when interpreting Lenormand cards.


Lenormand has always been used as a fortune telling technique, it never crossed that line to reach the spiritual or astrological plane. Simple, straightforward and sometimes brutally honest way to peek into the future or how a certain path might unfold. It gives you information to fix some of your real life problems in real time!

Tarot, however, takes you through your spiritual journey. Its psychological in approach. Talks about feelings, states of being, whys of situations and spiritual guidance through your life journey for your highest good. It helps you meet your soul purpose and takes you through the learnings your soul had signed up for in this lifetime.

Both divination systems have their own ways and benefits. Depends on what you are comfortable reading and what comes to you naturally. Both have their own purpose and should be used for just that.

That being said, remember, these are just guidance tools. Future is not cast in stone. With every step you take, with every decision you take, your future outcome potentially changes. YOU create your future!

Love and light 💖🙏

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